What constitutes health for you or me

From my vantage point it’s different you see

Each of us has standards to find

Embedded somewhere in our fertile mind

No measure serves each person the same

As we each answer to a different name

I think for me a bottom line

Whatever it is that makes you feel fine

Some go out early live at both ends

Longevity was never one of their friends

Some stay around forever it seems

So satisfied they keep opening dreams

Others will measure their sojourn through life

By their home and hearth to them that so nice

What seems for sure when I see you and me

We each occupy different reality

As you age and grow your body adds years

Don’t let others define your personal tears

Your health is a mindset attitude perspective

Weigh and discern each prescribed corrective

Listen your own heart develop your will

Let freedom’s calling dictate your fill

Though you will have many friends on the trail

When your hour ends alone you sail

How do you define your state of health?

Do you think of yourself healthy? Why? Why not?

Do you hold others to the same standards?

What do you need to do more or less of to be healthier?

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