This is for certain I can’t ask for more
In this life I’ve been given abundance galore
Friendships lovers some adoring fans
Not much to point to that makes me say sans

Joyous beginnings deep rich ends
Though sometimes the journey tested wits ends
The lessons and searching and inquiries deep
Provided learning with a curve that was steep

I’ve had many teachers standing cheek to jowl
There with the answers always gracious somehow
Mentors take many forms put on many faces
Beautiful ugly they all have their graces

The knowing’s not nearly as fun as the not
To see what emerges is a gift you can’t plot
Standing in silence sitting in the dark
I know I’ll be gifted with a new lively spark

The patience I’m learning deep in my core
Encourages the presence that I came here for
I take what is present holding it as a gift
With a correct translation you cannot have a rift

One foot then the other steps revealing the path
The glow of the lumens provides a sacred bath
Breathe deep hear your calling stay within your own grace
Take in all that surrounds sail through time and space

Life is long for the blessed abundance fills your cup
Quench your thirst seek fulfillment let many voices fill you up
Keep following your heart song let that melody infuse
All thought lines that inform you honor lullaby and blues

Always seek ways of serving those on your path
Let generosity of spirit trump your whisper of wrath
In the end you want stillness quiet peace rest
Always keeping the covenant of doing your best

It’s not about what you accomplish more about who you be
Let your light shine for everyone to see
Smile and laugh let your tears fall beam your presence and be wise
Let the grace that fills your spirit paint scenes filling your eyes

In the end you’ll be happy it is written this I know
The gifts are here for you to borrow yours to have tap the flow
Let walls dissolve before you no more obstacles to navigate
All’s OK precious angels you’re already past the gate

What would be cause for celebrating yourself and your life experience?
What get’s in the way?
What would the celebration look and feel like?
When will it happen?
Who knows how deserving you are and would be part of the celebration? Who else?

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