What is your heaven what is your hell

You choose your life by where your thoughts dwell

Objective reality is not to be found

Up in the air down on the ground

In any event or life circumstance

Thoughts you choose determine your stance

The perspective you see from engenders emotion

And you have control of this locomotion

You see with eyes and hear with ears

And your voices determine your loves and fears

Is the glass half empty or is it half full

Which way do you see from where is the pull

The choices you make about how you think

Can change your whole life in an instant blink

If you stay present and shift your self-talk

Words you utter will change your life’s walk

Remember your life is truly a dream

You are writer producer and you watch the screen

The experience is yours heaven or hell

Please select wisely the stories you tell

What are the perspectives you bring to your life?

Where did they come from?

Do YOU own them or have you taken them on unconsciously?

Given your power to choose how will you shift your perspective?

What will that mean for people around you?

What might that mean for you?

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