Holiday is holy day in case you don’t recall

Acknowledgement accomplishment perhaps a sacred fall

Sometimes we don’t remember why we commemorate

For most it’s just some time off and you get to fill your plate

Retailers have a purpose in selling us their stuff

And e-commerce mavens think to offer us so much

Credit card providers lick their chops with glee

Fancy food purveyors happy as can be

Some of us take care of the poorer souls

Whose heartbreak and depression threw them against the shoals

Most do not stop to see or even recognize

Hollowness and empty holes functioning as eyes

What can we do to turn an empty fate

What provides a jaunty bounce to a halting gait

Some recognition of why the day’s profound

Some genuine cognition of sacredness that’s sound

Spend some time in prayer or what quiets you

Understand what holy day can provide that’s true

Honor what is sacred let go of what’s profane

And keep celebrating so what’s deep inside remains

Aside from providing respite do you think holidays serve a useful purpose?

Do you take time out for holidays? Regularly?

What purpose do they serve for you?

What value do you take from them?

What do they give back?

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