Getting caught up going fast spinning wild
What internal force is guiding the ride
Agitation anxiety angst aloneness
Fear grips your being it’s your throwness

It’s not as if you don’t have resources
Resources don’t stand up to powerful forces
Suddenly funk washes over you
One minute coasting the next very blue

Just when you think you have escaped
Sorry not yet as this lands on your plate
What set me off and caused all the spinning
As I approached my own ninth inning

Old family patterns battered you in thick glue
Once again you’re home you’re not yet thru
Memories linger not pleasant seductive
Can you let go of what you are up against

It’s push and pull in the same breathe
That’s the terrain its not happiness
The truth you see the reverse of sublime
Still you long for the sweetness time upon time

What is your experience when you visit with your family of origin?
How is it different from what you might like it to be?
What are the expectations you have?
What might you do to enable a better set of expectations?
For you? For them?

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