Home within buried deep

Seeking the path can be very steep

Gaining access through many layers

Resistance from your many players


Trail is windy switch-backs dead-ends

Erratic shifts causing the bends

False starts distractions injuries too

Furious activity nothing to do


Deeply embedded gyroscope

Lost sometimes providing hope

Faith the fuel on your voyage home

When with you never alone


How do you know you arrived

What will beckon you inside

Servants draw your sacred bath

Revealing the next challenging path


Journey’s not ending this life or next

Your schoolbook an epic unending text

Process leads home discovery your birth

Wisdom transforming misery to mirth


Learning acceptance thankfulness too

The vehicle borrowed teaching you

Allow partners spirits inside

Walking with god you have arrived


Can you hold your journey as a learning lesson or is the drama more important?

What do you do to focus on the lessons that drive your true goal?

– Stewart Levine ©

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