Home is within sometimes buried deep

When you go seeking the path very steep

Hard to gain access through many layers

Resistance comes from your many players

The trail’s very windy switch-backs dead-ends

So high and low you may get the bends

False starts distractions injuries too

Furious activity then nothing to do

Deeply embedded your compass and gyroscope

When seeming lost they provide hope

Your faith the fuel on your voyage home

As long as it’s with you you’re never alone

How will you know when you arrived

What signal will beckon invite you inside

There is your butler drawing your bath

Quietly revealing your next sacred path

The journey’s not ending in this life or next

Your schoolbook an epic an unending text

Home is your process discovery your birth

Wisdom transforming most misery to mirth

Learning acceptance thankfulness too

For the vehicle borrowed and what it teaches you

Allowing your partner gods’ presence inside

When you walk with god you’re home you’ve arrived

What has your journey been like?

Can you hold it as a learning lesson or is the drama important?

What do you do to perpetuate the lessons?

What have you learned today?

What will you learn tomorrow?

What is your true goal?

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