Shapes who you are how you be
Limits how fast and far your me
Conversations listening and such
Programed before you knew much

Holds generations to what it might be
Biological ancestry of its unique tree
What is the imprint of DNA
How much biology governs our way

Not only genetic loading
Impact of presence foreboding
In through senses and pores
All before we develop walls

Coming thru genes words energy
Can limits capacity of being free
Their world views influence who we are
Till we rise above cannot get far

Cleanse the thoughts planted in you
See how they impinge what you do
If not getting where you want to go
Can’t figure out what’s holding you so

Childhood words others use
Can narrow what you peruse
Honor yourself gain full height
Reprogram words worldview fright

Bye restrictions you did not choose
Chase their values you won’t lose
Get where you want your unique vision
Cleanse imprints and their prison

Would your life be different if you replaced programming after consciously choosing
your own values, beliefs and worldviews?

– Stewart Levine ©

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