What is a thing of beauty what embodies art
What gives shape to memories lingering in your heart
What stirs your deep feelings makes passions wake and rise
What creates lasting impressions in body and mind

Many forms embody what is defined above
Many are the objects that demand your love
Drawing your attention demanding your full notice
Beauty has its own way of drawing in your focus

Something in its essence purity of design
Integrity of composition nobility of mind
Striking in appearance seductive in its will
So perfect in its stature that it gives you chills

Poetry or painting drawing or a dance
Classical composition or the South of France
Rap lyrics or Beethoven the food of Wolfgang Puck
Snake eyes on the table says you’re out of luck

Exciting is its presence you want to take it home
There you try to cage it so it will not roam
Whatever forms you love what moves and lifts your spirits
Surround yourself in beauty let it fill your minutes

What are the beautiful things you appreciate?
Do you have them around you?
What do they provide for you?
How do you use them?
How might you gain more value from them?

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