Like the trunk of a redwood with robust ballast

Prosperity comes as others nurture from our chalice

Firm in our presence sure of our way

Comfortable and steady a rock in the fray

Our rock solid presence emerges and takes over

After many years of tilling mostly under cover

Finally it happens the transition inside

Something rolls over you can no longer hide

You are a dynamic presence standing very strong

Without a sense of fleeing you know you belong

Rooted in your wisdom solid values like a rock

With a pace that’s steady like the tick of a clock

Your power frightens others the vibe scares them off

Especially those hiding behind collars and sacred cloth

Others admire things that you do

You’re mindful of the truth it’s not about you

The primary focus giving to others

Make sure they’re ok your sisters and brothers

As you keep traveling this path that you scythe

Your holy aim here narrowing what divides

Are you giving enough?

What else might you do to take care of the people you are closest to?

People in the next circle? People you do not know?

How satisfying would that be?

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