Congruent without congruent within

Congruent presence from toes to chin

Congruent in gait and voice

How it is you don’t have choice

Not about image or strategic vision

Just how you live with clarity precision

End of day when you finish labor

Lie down rest look for warmth to savor

You are who you are do what you say

Your word the bond you honor each day

When called upon counsel the poor

Nurture whoever walks through your door

Living from inside out

Heart your guide no twist or shout

Whatever your truth and belief

Oath guides action brings relief

Not about mercenary ambition

Dedication to your mission

When near end look back reflect

Lived your dream nothing to repent

How does your life compare to what the poem says to you?

How can you live more from integrity, from the inside out?

– Stewart Levine ©

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