What holds us together defines who we are

Without this essential presence we don’t go very far

It’s part of our design down at our core

Alone we can’t do much with others we soar

We are social beings needing the company of others

We need to work with sisters as well as our brothers

When we are isolated we grow cold and quiet

Engagement with humans is our healthy diet

When we withdraw and live isolated

We lose touch with ourselves and become frustrated

Others enliven draw us out and define

Bringing out our essence helping us to shine

Emerging between us is the spark of life

Like egg and sperm or husband and wife

Energy birthed from sacred hearts connecting

Missing when we separate and we are defecting

It’s not only what you do that defines who you are

It is who you do it with that takes you very far

Look for the connections where you can plug in

Joining sacred others gifts you with a big grin

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