Warm glowing fullness rich toothy smiles

Deep resonant laughter with you for miles

White teeth paraded lips parted wide

Whatever the rift gone the divide

Hands touching others and grins ear to ear

Flaming hearts speaking thru voices with cheer

Profound sense of wellness from having arrived

Now is the time for us to thrive

Here in this moment destiny calls

In this precious instant joy bounces off walls

It starts in the cavernous center of soul

Vibration expanding to fill up the whole

Overflowing with goodness sparkling with light

Energetic abundance lifts you in flight

Fueling the action from deep in your core

Hard to imagine you want any more

This emboldened presence encircling you

Results from stewing the recipe that’s you

You get what you’re giving it all comes back

So keep on flowing riding this track

What does joy mean to you?

Where does it come from?

How did it emerge?

What does it feel like?

How do you express it? Empower it? Share it?

What value does it have? For you? For others?

For community?

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