What a journey what a joy
Drink in laughter be a girl or boy
Life is for living cavorting with friends
Keep your light flowing the supply never ends

A wellspring of smiles resides in your heart
Keeping grins refreshed a form of art
Your conscious intention choosing to affirm life
Definitely a way to overcome strife

Abundance the source that props your wings
An unlimited supply of all manner of things
Essence of giggles and eau de warm glances
A box full of dance steps informs your prances

Unlimited hugs eyes that contact
Connection of minds keeps you on track
The beauty of nature surrounds all the time
If words suddenly fail you can pantomime

Sunsets everyday say adieu to the flowers
Dogs wagging tails mark all of your hours
Please take the time to notice these presents
Let them fill your life with the gift of their presence

What makes your life joyous?
What are the things you do or see that lift your spirits?
What makes you laugh?
What engages your enthusiasm?
What do you do when you need a lift?
Who do you celebrate with? Why? How? When?

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