Inside a body where you reside
Many spend years locked in mind
Year upon year marching through time
Busy about in the midst of fine wine

Worry this worry that
Mindless chatter chat chat chat chat
Living in heads buzzing about
One day body calls with a shout

Illness accident injury
Can you pause to find a me
You’re more than thoughts reactions
More than emotions physical attractions

Finally quiet whole self at peace
Let go with a sense of release
Whatever fears from your past
Awareness transcends them at last

From the belly of your machine
Deeper life force manifests a dream
Sense yourself walking on holy turf
Finally landed on solid earth

Embrace terrain though it feels strange
Requires your life to rearrange
Enjoy the comfort serenity brings
God stands within all sentient beings

If you were walking on new ground what would it feel, look, smell taste like?

Are others served by your change of presence?

– Stewart Levine ©

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