There is no better medicine caring for your heart

A series of guffaws give you a new start

It’s a way to recycle your head heart and brain

It’s a robust reboot a pause and refrain

Immediately takes you down to your sacred core

Straight to the deepest place perhaps where you were born

Tapping into that inner place that’s part of your foundation

It serves simultaneously as both ground and elation

It immediately places a smile on your face

It lights up your world adding presence and grace

It reflects pure winning and a knowing grin

When you have been losing it creates a big win

It demonstrates so clearly god is still around

It wakes up all your brain cells with thoughts so profound

Reminds you of the lives that live deep within your soul

Your chuckles and cackles will easily make you whole

The glory that is you emerges pure and clean

Immediately awakened you’re a refurbished machine

The power of renewal scrubs all your grime

It clears encrusted junk away puts you back in your prime

When was the last time you experienced this kind of laughter?

What generates laughter for you?

What might you do to remind yourself of the power of laughter and

ensure laughter’s ongoing presence in your life?

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