Only the facts please they want to know

When in court their egos the show

They talk and talk they rarely listen

The heart’s usually shut and the Mercedes glistens

They speak in a language sometimes arcane

Their air of pomposity sometimes urbane

For all of the arrogance and all of the bluster

There’s often no fire and no courage to muster

But when you are caught in a nasty pinch

Where do you turn when you can’t give an inch

Their pledge is to give you all that they can

Unquestioned loyalty and a fist with a plan

Please choose correctly follow your heart

You can find a dear one whose life is their art

They’ll take on your cause with passion supreme

Presenting your case like a white knight’s dream

The first things I’ve said have some exaggeration

Caricature overblown truth paid little attention

When you quietly ask clients what they think

They love their own lawyer hands down in a wink

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed an advocate?

What was the experience like?

What did you learn?

How would you do it differently next time?

How were you served?

What was missing?

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