Fear has a vise grip we cling and hold tight

Muscles freeze up like ice in cold fright

The future looms large the void drives unrest

Uncertainty dominates will I pass the next test

No matter the times we have been here before

The horizon seems daunting approaching the next door

What do we do now where do we go

What is our next step how do we know

One thing is likely as we face the cliff

We go back where we came from after taking a sniff

Look back in the mirror from where you came

What you see behind you takes on a new frame

Why do we do that what holds us back

What keeps us from leaping to the next track

Faith in your footsteps that’s what you need

Trust the next trapeze will catch you indeed

Turn to your future embrace it with joy

Welcome the unknown make it your toy

Fill up the big void with your masterful mind

Leave the fearing whimpering clinging behind

Do you have a next step you want to take?

What kind of fear might be getting in the way?

Does the fear have a concrete basis?

Do you have evidence that whatever risk you are about to take is the best thing to do?

Why not trust that assessment?

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