What is our essence our blessed grace

What purpose is served in this human race

What’s our driving reason waking up every day

Underneath the doing what’s our profound play

What is our function that serves everyone

In our never-ending search where is the fun

The dormant glory awakens when we call

Getting here to there how do we have a ball

What taps our unique spirit seeks from every cell

Uses our history makes us feel so swell

Satisfies so deeply we’re so tall and proud

While real thoughtfulness takes care of the crowd

Behind all the answers lies the sacred truth

It’s our earnest sleuthing that keeps us in our youth

Sniffing out solutions is what we’re all about

Tracking down real wisdom with a bloodhound’s< snout What is it I’m saying what do my words know Learning is the process makes our juices flow As you keep cavorting on this meandering path Keep learning and growing consciousness is your bath What is the essence of your humanity? What is the edge that keeps you alive and exploring? What would you like to learn while you’re here? How will that help others? How will that help you?

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