Fire in motion leaves on the trees

Shimmering landscape weakens your knees

Days growing shorter chill filling air

Spirits growing quiet winter draws near

Fall such an apt word as energy wanes

Hibernation in us frost on window panes

Getting older and wiser and getting slow

Constant becoming starts letting go

Deep wisdom in you begins to emerge

The chatter inside burns an involuntary purge

Hunker down getting close to your core

It becomes clearer what you came here for

What is the perspective you can always bring

As energy shifts profoundly with no sign of spring

Look for dormant seedlings spread all around

Look for rich soft voices buried in ground

Let faith fill your heart know life will be reborn

When you feel the black ice of a dark winter storm

Spring always comes when you’ve suffered enough

Bliss is beyond the corner of the frightful stuff

How do the words of the poem resonate with you?

Do you sense a purpose hiding in the life you have been living?

Do you know what it is?

Is there a way you can make that purpose more accessible to yourself and to others?

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