How will you be recorded in the annals of your soul

Memories that warm your heart leaving you feeling whole

What is your legitimacy what do you will for others

How do you serve and nourish your sisters and brothers

Who are your real heroes how have they served their ends

What was the pulse they captured and who were their friends

Where is the light that draws you and what is its source

What makes you feel tender leaving you without remorse

Who is the you in there buried in your mist

Who arises in crisis without much of a twist

Time is running late time to choose is near

Voice your vote for life continue in your fear

Leaders jump onto the stage with their end in mind

They have goals and visions some want us to stay blind

The games of politicians often are unseen

Real stuff’s in the backroom under radar’s screen

You get to choose your fate now is it life or death

Of your many voices which brings you true wealth

Wealth that’s of the spirit wealth that’s peace of mind

Wealth that’s noble courage from strength you did find

What would the people closest to you say is your highest and best work:

The thing you give and provide without thinking because it is so integral to who you are as a human being?

Does your current work in the world require much of your best work?

Imagine if you designed your career around doing your best work most of the time?

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