We’re here for lessons our time on earth

We find many blessings as well as mirth

Expanding our knowledge understanding more stuff

As we find balance knowing when is enough

In our bodies is where we understand

Emotions limitations frustrations grand

When we are pure spirit we can choose bliss

Nothing impinges on our perfectness

When we choose incarnation and inhabit a body

We experience things that strike us as shoddy

We learn what it’s like to be trapped inside

Our challenging vehicle we must learn to drive

Our next task is to deal with our brain

How can we master the intelligence game

Then come the hormones that drive us insane

Ending up in hard places experiencing great shame

Finally we start to have some control

Just about the time to take on growing old

It flits by quickly this spark known as living

Enjoy and learn do your best be forgiving

What are the lessons you came here to learn?

Is your life experience providing what you need?

What do you have to do to learn what is essential for you?

Who do you need to be learning with?

How much time do you really have?

Are you wasting it or using it wisely?

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