Sparkling vibrations in space
Scenes give life face
Vibrant colors pleasing eye
Sometimes laughter sometimes cry

Beauty not always perceived
Seeing what’s believed
Our view always filtered by
Light in portals reflect mind’s eye

Allow what you want to know
On your screen to help you grow
Glory available beyond dreams
As well as death door screams

Sacred profane much offered you
Enhancing experience sometimes blue
Realize the contrast defines sight
Up informs down dark birthing light

Project white light be a forceful haven
Outshine places projecting craven
A beacon of good bright clear intention
Channel goodness without self-rejection

Let sparks within find their expansion
Grow multiply inside your mansion
Let your path be pure compassion
Serving to guide no matter fashion

Reflect on the view of outside source
Let integrity be your favored boss

Do you make conscious choices about what you take in and what you put out?

What is the opportunity in choices you make for creating your inner and outer world?

– Stewart Levine ©

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