The time frame we’re in could not be stranger

Never before in human history

Have we faced such profound mystery

Which way do I turn where are the answers

All around I see profound disasters

I search for the to show me the way

I long for the guides to help as I pray

Things move so fast I can’t find the ground

Each time I stand firm I am spun around

I remember when I knew up from down

When I lived without a perpetual frown

We live in a time when most have forgotten

Where they came from what to do what’s verboten

We need people close who we know

Those that we trust who will help us sow

The answers are inside please pay attention

Look deep within find your comprehension

In the quiet deep inside

Let your inner wisdom be your guide

Please take the time answer your call

That’s where you’ll find blessings for all

That’s where you’ll be soothed from your fall

Please take the time answer the call

When was the last time you listened to the voice deep inside you?

What was it saying?

Did you take the voice seriously?

Have you followed the advice and direction?

What better place might you find wisdom for yourself that is always available?

Have you learned to trust that part of your consciousness?

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