Essence of life that is human

Gifts to each man and woman

Enacting our privileged existence

What’s unique passing between us


Lives we lead have great potential

Cherish honor be reverential

Biological machine we inhabit a gift

Extraordinary vehicle giving us a lift


Ability to think emote choose

Reflect sense win or a lose

Attraction repulsion taste touch smell feel

Experience senses intuition heal


Often sharing pain of others

Tending injured sisters brothers

Remorse learning changing doing

Sacrificing for others pursuing


Strong emotions draw others to our fold

Peace and quiet when growing old

Recognize what’s missing in cultural mores

Committing selves honoring cause


Richness of time not to be denied

Careful engaging too much pride

Joy from experience savor all flavors

Making choices minimizing waivers


Are there things you would like to partake of while in

your human form to give you a fuller life experience?

What would be missing if the opportunity was gone?

– Stewart Levine ©

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