What is the essence of life that’s human
What are the gifts of each man and woman
As we enact our privileged existence
What’s the uniqueness passing between us

The lives we lead have such potential
If only we cherished were more reverential
The biological machine we inhabit is a gift
The extraordinary tool provides such a lift

Our ability to think to feel and choose
Reflect on experience sense win or a lose
Attraction repulsion taste touch smell and feel
Experience our senses intuition to heal

Being open and sharing the pain of others
Tending wounded sisters and injured brothers
Honor remorse learning changing what we do
Sacrifice self for lessons others pursue

Project our feelings draw to our fold
Exhibit peace quiet when we start growing old
Recognize what’s missing in our cultural mores
Committing ourselves honoring a cause

The richness of time here not to be denied
Please do not engage too much foolish pride
Take joy from the experience savor all the flavors
When making choices minimize your waivers

Are you having a full rich life experience?
Are there things you would like to partake of while in your human form? What would you regret missing if the opportunity was gone?

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