What pains you deep in the soul
What place calls out where you are whole
What tells you you’re missing a slice from your heart
What motivates action stimulates art

It’s in your corner where you are at source
When you’re connected life is without remorse
The driver that heals and reigns supreme
The one that congeals makes you human being

The longing that says you’re incomplete
Tells you what’s missing points to your feet
In the right direction when headed true north
Honoring purpose you drink at the trough

Here in your beauty here in your womb
That’s where you choose freedom or tomb
Here you fill up your time on this rock
Here you cogitate you can take stock

Here’s where you look for search and cajole
Here’s where you honor and ponder your soul
Here’s where you think about your deep divorce
Here’s where the fortunate stay connected to source

Do you feel connected to a “source?”
Is it internal or external?
What about that source grounds and heals you?
How do you know how important that source is for you?
What do you do to keep the connection strong?

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