A warming soft presence is part of you
Walking alongside whatever you do
Replacing anxiety filling your space
Making room for laughter some call it grace

Love lifts narrow horizons waking you up
It’s working 24/7 filling your cup
The gift’s always inside not somewhere out there
When you really know love it’s something to cheer

The longing driving you for so many years
Is finally quiet tears have disappeared
You have arrived your yearning ceased
Standing on your own fear has been released

As part of rebirthing the old self has died
You’re radically shifted with a new sense of pride
Instead of thinking “I’m not enough!”
People ask you to smooth their rough stuff

What a great difference one lifetime can make
When we learn the lesson “life’s to give not take”
Now all of your days can be filled with bliss
With the sweetest laughter and the spark of a kiss

Can you recall a time when you were infused with the kind of love that was more a presence in you than the product of a relationship?
What was the sensation like for you? Is it something you wear proudly and transparently?
How does it serve you personally and professionally?

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