We choose our loved ones when we become smart
When we make those choices life becomes art
No expectations of what we’ll receive
It’s all about giving serving others needs

For many it is all about lust
No thoughts about honor adoring trust
Other’s are not objects to own or possess
They’re not a tool for your happiness

It’s about giving freedom nurturing others to grow
Allowing their full being their presence and flow
Honoring cherishing what passes between
Mysterious emergence creations unseen

Allowing caring and being there
Providing guiding and being fair
Hoping for all they can be on this earth
They’re not for your pleasure or your self-worth

Be totally present to what they need
Listen for wishes and how you might feed
Respect be tolerant acknowledge their presence
Promote in all ways their profound essence

No matter the distance no matter the time
No matter the reason or if there’s a rhyme
The gift passes quickly please pay attention
Enable your loving it’s a noble dimension

Are you loving enough?
Can you count the ways in which you love?
Can you add more ways of loving to what you already do?
How might you love differently?
Who else might you love? In what ways?
How about yourself?

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