What is the meaning of this encompassing verb
Pulling us places even when we lose our nerve
This life force so powerful it is the glue
Holding all together when it’s not easy to do

Loving pulls us forward and holds us back
Loving keeps us progressing on our own track
Loving licks our wounds and cures our ills
Its profound all-knowing quiets shuddering chills

The essence of wisdom lies at loving’s core
Loving has the capacity to open many doors
It operates backwards in many dimensions
Teaching the folly of earthly pretensions

To have you must let go to get you must give
Without its warm light little reason to live
Honor its presence know it’s the cure
Revere its elixir as it soothes and gives more

Nothing more to ask loving’s simplicity is profound
Soaring to the heavens keeping your feet on the ground
Let loving embrace let it light your path
Let divine love be your mystical bath

Have you ever felt the love within you as an energy force without an external object in mind?
How have you used the power of that energy?
How do you plan on using it in the future?
How will you cultivate and harness that energy?

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