What gives you freedom what sets you free?

What provides lift-off and unfetters your “me”?

What supports your full presence opens your mind?

What launches your way out you can’t be left behind?

What wakes you up to your power within?

What points in one direction: win, win, win, win, win?

What launches your vision focuses your goals?

What creates a fail-safe and makes you whole?

What quiets your fears and engages your passion?

What removes resistance and brings out compassion?

What opens your heart and slows your ratcheting mind?

What feeds your deep hunger in a way that is kind?

What sustains you through laughter and tears?

What walks beside you for all of your years?

What provides comfort when you are enraged?

What reengages when you’re feeling estranged?

The answer friends to all that’s above

The undying friendship and quality of your love

One of the great freedoms we have on earth

The power of loving from which comes all worth

How would you assess the quality of love in your life?

The love you give?

The love you receive?

The love you have for yourself?

How might you be different to improve the love in your life?

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