What does it mean to be a true heart

A heart that has given a heart that is smart

How much is it worth to know that somewhere

In corners of other hearts for you, they are there

A critical lesson as we move down our path

Knowing connections quiets our wrath

Relationships and people you can count on

Who’s on your team who’s quickly gone

When you make your choices always stop and ask

What are implications resulting from this task

Think of the long term not only tomorrow

Loyalty is earned not something you borrow

Surrounding us today many short-term relations

A paucity of unions built on firm foundations

Act on the connections that are deep in your heart

Thinking money power is not always smart

What you deposit in today’s bank account

May hurt in the long run when you figure out

The treasure sometimes in honoring connections

Pays back ten times more than opportunistic defections

Who’s on your core team?

What can you count on them for?

Do they know the unique place they hold?

Do you honor them with that knowledge?

Do you let them know why they have been chosen?

What is the long-term value they provide?

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