Life flies at a harrowing pace
Opposing any state of grace
Driven by profit fueled by power
Little time to rest an hour

Reflect on most creative time
Discover pure thoughts sublime
Emerged from deepest wells
In quiet not answering bells

Another side also true
Trouble emerged out of a rue
Bubbling brew churning quick
You’re stuck in a cauldron thick

Chance to honor a truth
Spinning fast act like youth
Frustrated demanding tense
Scant patience when so dense

Frenzied feeling pressured
Addled mind is not measured
Thoughts spin out of control
Paralyzed can’t see a shoal

If you reflect on disappointed
Decisions actions not anointed
Navigating serious space
Slow the pace remember grace

What drives the pace you navigate life?

Moving fast as choice or habitually in the surrounding soup?

– Stewart Levine ©

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