Our world is moving at a harrowing pace
The trajectory opposite to states of grace
It’s driven by profit and fueled by power
There’s little time to rest for an hour

When you reflect on your most creative time
You likely discover your thoughts most sublime
Emerged and bubbled from your deep wells
When you were quiet not answering bells

The opposite side of the equation is true
When you were in trouble it came out of a rue
A brew that was bubbling and churning so quick
You became stuck in a cauldron so thick

Now it’s your chance to honor a truth
When you’re spinning so fast you act out like a youth
You become frustrated demanding and tense
You don’t have much patience for anyone else

When you are too frenzied and feeling pressured
Your thinking is addled your mind is not measured
When your mind is spinning out of control
It’s no time to take action you can’t see the shoals

You will look back and be disappointed
At decisions and actions less than anointed
When you’re navigating serious space
Slowing your pace contributes more grace

How fast do you ordinarily move?
What drives the pace at which you navigate your life?
Are you moving fast as choice or just moving in the soup surrounding you?
Have you made a choice?
Can you make a choice?

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