Close to head heart
Peaceful quiet new start
Connecting with real at core
Close to bone you’re here for

Noise of silence spacious black
Bottomless empty puts you on track
Not about action getting to place
Removing layers uncovering grace

Longing need desire cease
Observer within has far reach
See hear eyes on truth
Discovery by your super sleuth

Heaven glory cauldron of hell
At times in your padded cell
Seeing ends depths of worlds
Immersed in your secret swirls

Viewing facets of deep life
Fertile marrow from sacrifice
Want to live in this rich dream
Personal laser knows your scheme

When you arrive says to you
Kudos for getting out of the stew
Honor revelations profound
Beauty of life on ground

Earth an oyster pearls for you
Wisdom reveals what is true
Trust the core of inner space
In the moment enjoy grace

Do you have a meditation or other centering practice?

What does it provide for you?

– Stewart Levine ©

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