A place you get into close to the heart

Peaceful and quiet provides a new start

Putting you in touch with what’s real at the core

Close to the bone knowing what you’re here for

The noise of your silence is loud and black

The bottomless hole puts you back on tack

It’s not about action or getting some place

It’s about removing layers reaching for grace

Longing and needing and desire cease

The observer within stands tall on its feet

Seeing and hearing your eye on your truth

Your rich perspective revealed by your super sleuth

The glory of heaven and cauldron of hell

Are the same from inside your well padded cell

You see the ends and depths of the world

When you are immersed in your own secret swirl

This place holds facets of your deep life

Containing fertile marrow and knowing sacrifice

If you want to live out from this rich dream

Access the laser that knows your whole scheme

When you get there it will say to you

What took so long to climb out of the stew

Honor revelation richly profound

Let beauty abide enjoy life on the ground

Earth is an oyster with pearls here for you

Let your wise perspective reveal what is true

Be in the moment experience your grace

Trust your central core to conquer inner space

Do you have a meditation or other form of centering practice?

Do you use it on a regular basis?

What value does it provide?

If you do not have a practice have you considered one?

What might it be?

When will you begin?

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