Heartaches of the soul
Missing what made you whole
Part of essence filling you
Absent you feel blue

Many never find or know
Treasured blessings of loving so
Once you taste a sacred kiss
All is scant to that bliss

Lonely ache creeps in
Reminds you left on a whim
Let go wisdom tempted fate
Rearranged a stable state

Lovely path you had set
Topsy-turvy in unrest
Something good pure at source
Turned asunder to divorce

Knowing what you know now
Foundation served you somehow
Reflecting a lifetime later
Might have been so much greater

Answers buried deep inside
Apology can’t erase ego’s pride
No choice so you let go
Now know the hurt you did sow

What part of past are you holding that it’s time to let go?

What purpose does it serve and what’s the payoff?

– Stewart Levine ©

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