Joy is the essential presence of god
Freedom from chatter a north-pointing nod
No place to go you are deeply home
Your presence is solid no fear scream or moan

You’re resting firmly feet on the ground
Solid conserving nothing to be found
Hear your deep indwelling inside your being
Enabling your presence and all you are seeing

From that profound presence all else unfolds
You’re younger and older on your own road
The joyless pure torture your mind can unleash
Will not feed your hunger or provide release

Stuck-ness from inside holds you like a vise
The miser aloneness makes you think more than twice
There’s much more to living than chattering mind hell
There’s more to let go of to make you more well

As usual I’m way beyond normal or norm
As I sit listening to my internal storm
Suddenly quiet chatter’s gone for now
Peace has alighted angels here wow

Can you identify with these words?
Do you remember when you felt the impact of the presence of your mind?
What was it like?
How has that moment informed you?
Are you still searching for peace?
Where are you looking?

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