What is the best presence to carry along
Connects you to others plays a sweet song
Embodies aliveness whatever you do
Makes what seems old suddenly new

What engages you deeply with self and others
Connects to a source that provides your druthers
The longing that drives you filled in a minute
All desires subsumed when you are in it

Mindfulness presence honors all beings
Acknowledges humanity tempers all things
Shifts scattered energy requires attention
In this moment transports to another dimension

Why would you choose anything different
You can have a world with what you want in it
By being present to what surrounds you
You receive in ways that create something new

No sitting around feeling sorry for self
Go out and give to somebody else
To manifest what you want to receive
Give it to others you’ll get what you need

How self-oriented are you?
Are you aware of the level of true concern you have for others?
How generous is your spirit?
What gives you more pleasure, giving or receiving?
When was the last time you experienced receiving what you have given? What do you know about the law of reciprocity?

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