What is your purpose your vision your mission

Are you there yet or still indecision

What was the plan at the time of your birth

What did you come to accomplish on earth

Each of us here has noble work

Out of that endeavor we find our real worth

When we engage with clear intention

We find our lives in another dimension

Have you discovered what lies inside

Your unique flight-plan waiting to guide

It sits there dormant until you “wake up”

Then it takes over and fills your cup

Spend some time digging down to your core

Though you may get lonely you’ll find what you’re for

Keep seeking clarity at each fork of choice

Trust only answers expressed in your voice

Be mindful distractions will have many forms

Do not look outside for your set of norms

Keep peeling and paring and carving detail

Keep ears and eyes open pick up all your mail

When keys arrive for the door to your bliss

Unlock those doors with a hug and a kiss

Live in the pure presence of purpose and vision

Honor your waking dreams become your mission

Is your personal mission something you have thought about?

Have you identified your personal mission?

What is it?

Does it motivate you each day?

How else has it served you?

If you think you do not know it pretend for a moment you do – what is it?

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