Fortunate blessed watching sunrise
New beginning welling inside
Not only excitement anticipation
Chance for renewal sense of elation

Yesterday all washed clean
History just a sacred dream
Today a fresh page living rebirth
Clean slate creating new worth

Beauty inside arising to be born
No need to mope persist in forlorn
Red sky sun beckons you’re alive
Out of the cave of your hidden hive

Dark night is closing good-bye so long
Morning thrown open sing a new song
When you’re tired frustrated alone
Let promise of morning be a guide home

Let go thought forms binding like a vise
Good-bye anxiety it’s rarely nice
Today a new day birthed in a new dawn
Today a beginning the real you is born

When was the last time you felt so alive it was a rebirth?

Do you know rebirth and renewal is a mindset you can choose?

– Stewart Levine ©

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