How fortunate blessed watching sunrise

A sense new beginning welling up inside

Not only excitement and anticipation

The chance for renewal and its sense of elation

Yesterday has been all washed clean

The past becomes history a sacred dream

Today is a fresh page a living rebirth

Clean slate on your canvas to create new worth

The beauty inside arises to be born

Please do not be mopey or persist in forlorn

Red sky and sun beckon inviting alive

Come out of your cave out of your hidden hive

The dark night is closing good-bye and so long

Morning throwing open singing new song

So when you are tired frustrated alone

Let promise of morning always guide you home

Let go of thought forms too tight like a vise

Good-bye to anxiety it’s rarely nice

Today is a new day today is a dawn

Today is beginning you have just been born

When was the last time you felt so alive that it was like a rebirth?

Do you know that rebirth and renewal is a mindset, an experience you might choose to step into every day, or as often as you like?

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