Where do you go when your charge is low

When energy wanes no place else to go

When the horizon is looking bleak

When fear grips tightly and you cannot speak

When longing is present and your cup is dry

When you look up only clouds in the sky

When a vision of future is not on your screen

When screams fill your insides and you’re feeling mean

When laughter and smiles have abandoned your face

When all that you’ve worked for gone without a trace

When all your loved ones can’t help though they try

When inside and out you just want to cry

When the alarm says wake up and you say no

When nothing seems worth it where do you go

When your get up got up and went

When you used your pennies to pay the rent

The place you must turn is inside you

The force in each cell saying I want to do

The primordial desire to live is your essence

To be who you are contributing your presence

How much attention do you spend focusing on your own observant voice?

Do you listen to the wisdom of what that voice is telling you and not your monkey mind?

Do you notice what happens when you do not pay attention?

What does that voice provide?

What is it saying now?

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