Movement is healthy good for the soul

A quenching tonic for your thirst to be whole

A shift of your energy a shift of your stance

A shift of your footsteps when you need a new dance

You can choose to be cheerful or to be sad

You can choose to be empty or to be glad

Or you can observe what feelings pass through

Let them fill and empty the chalice that’s you

For sure you’ll have doubting you will toss and turn

Each leg of your journey will teach if you learn

As you search for more wisdom around every turn

It’s in you to access what you need to learn

The lord is your shepherd you’re just one of the sheep

You’ll get plenty of guidance there’s no reason to weep

One foot then another no need for a grand plan

Just start your big journey with your sense of “I am!”

Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life?

What can you change about that aspect?

What small step might you take?

What are some bigger steps?

What do you have to lose?

What might you gain?

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