The heavenly presence of nature’s serenity
Untouched by invention or signs of humanity
The joyful perfection of unfettered landscape
Shimmering waters that leave you agape

Birds flying softly wind in the air
Gold early sunlight crows’ noises to hear
Sweet smelling flowers surrender their scent
White clouds dotting blueness seem heaven sent

The respite of forest cool moss jutting trees
The mystery of quiet buzzing of bees
The roar of the ocean and crash of waves
Sunsets on horizon draw no less than raves

Sometimes in our hasty march straight through life
We don’t take the time-outs to see inspiring sights
Then in our stressed state we forget where to turn
When we need soothing from relentless churn

Always remember what’s waiting for you
Whenever you’re weary or you feel blue
Nature’s perfection holds gifts in store
Take time appreciate the abundance galore

Have you recently taken the time to partake of the
beauty nature has to offer? Has there ever been a
time you found comfort in nature. Might you take
time every day to appreciate the bounty nature is?
What could that do for you?

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