Letting your disk spin out of control
Is no way of grounding and keeping you whole
Thinking and gnashing and all the not knowing
Is no way to keep your machinery going

When your compass stops guiding you to port
That’s the time to divine your true north
Look within your core for the next tack
The answer will put you back on track

Pretending you don’t know
Self-deception binding you so
Fear of responsibility and honoring self
Wanting to give it to somebody else

Time now to manifest all of your gifts
Time now to navigate internal shifts
Time now to harvest not time to be weak
Time now to demonstrate strength of the meek

You know the answers you know the way
Always remember it takes one more day
Listen to others and what they project
Don’t be afraid there’s no need to protect

When you get stuck and can’t find the core
Get quiet a moment to find the right door
Please ask yourself “What if you knew…”
Trust the response god is talking to you

What do you do when you feel lost?
How do you find your center?
How do you hear the voice inside when being pulled in many directions? Are you ever really lost?
What might be a more useful way of describing your temporary state to yourself?

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