Live in the moment be here in the now

Maintain the present let it teach you how

Listen carefully be with what’s here

Allow connection to take away fear

Honor the experience of moment to moment

It is your life and you get to own it

Life’s not about the future or past

A series of right “now’s” all that will last

Do not be discouraged by yesterday’s rain

Clouds will pass quickly when present you remain

The secret to freedom and a rich whole life

Stay fully present awareness alleviates strife

Dancing’s only one foot in front of the other

Never thinking about anything you’d rather

The Buddha would say stay focused and clear

Add up each present day you have a year

If you can’t like what you have today

You’ll never embrace what you want anyway

Stay clear as a bell honor your essence

Maintain awareness celebrate presence

Can you count breaths or steps to center yourself in the present?

Can you be a better “listener” that observes what is happening now?

Do you know how to listen to and be in service of yourself? Of others?

What are you listening for?

What are you hearing?

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