It all happens now no future or past

Time is all fantasy an illusory path

Whatever we know housed in our mind

Transpires now though we’re usually blind

It takes place this instant on the head of a pin

Let this realization freeze you with a permanent grin

You hold in your being all you’ll ever know

Discover and reveal what’s been clouded in snow

As you watch the sheep plan save and retire

The common dream theme not much to inspire

All the truths they follow the myths that control

Illusions so fear-based they trample the soul

Enduring strength lets you know what’s for you

Do not measure your value by games they do

You know your own answers know your own path

Following others is a molasses bath

If you don’t heed the warnings or follow your heart

Pure presence falters leading to fits and starts

Live your life from inside where you already know

It’s all in this moment honor now and just glow

How much are you influenced by the hopes, dreams, aspirations, values and standards of others?

How much are you living today for yesterday or tomorrow?

What would your life look and be like if you followed your authentic self?

Can you try it for a day, a week, a month, a year, forever?

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