Old Souls

Old Souls

What is being human what is just being
Souls well-traveled with so many seeing
Young souls wrestle they fuss and fight
Old souls walk softly seeing the light

Nice to imagine on our journey home
Old souls already down at the bone
A wide wise perspective part of their art
Their life evolved from head to heart

They realized what’s enduring food
What is essential to keep a fine mood
It’s not about winning earning or status
Growing learning seeing what really matters

When you lose perspective in a stressful life
It is time to visit a mindful midwife
Get quickly to an old soul sit at their feet
Drink of their dignity enjoy their treat

Have faith in their knowing lessons they hold
Heed their calm direction they know the road
These angels among us hold god’s message intact
Follow their footsteps they’re on the right track

Who do you know that you have called an old soul? Why?
What is it that you see, feel, observe?
What value do they provide?
What part of you feels like an old soul?

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