Life serves choices you decide
Each fork impacts your glide
One way life sublime
Another tack struggle time

Youth ignore consequence
Don’t think get comeuppance
Karma beyond mortal control
Always reap what you sow

Traveling mind your Ps and Qs
Conscious of lessons choices choose
Stinging outcomes hurt at the core
Reminding you must learn more

Vise of options clenches in its jaws
Blindly barrel give yourself pause
Choose wisely for posterity’s sake
What flows from decisions you make

Pain of others dear
Haunts perspective in your ear
Selfish satisfies immediate thirst
Mindful of fallout avoids the worst

Humanity sets you apart
Beyond instinct compassionate heart
Add self-consciousness reflection too
Abstract thought a complex brew

Time for choosing now is here
Vote for life stay in fear
Best to be your highest self
As fear fades just be yourself

Do you think about what flows from action and
its’ impact on others and your soul?

– Stewart Levine ©

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